Menstruation Celebration

So THIS is what it means to be a woman.

Stage Fright with Seven Billion (Advice from the Dalai Lama)

In contrast, if I see myself primarily in terms of myself as a fellow human, I will then have more than seven billion people who I can feel deep connection with. And this is wonderful, isn’t it? What do you need to fear or worry about when you have seven billion other people who are with you?

Make Your Bed in Your Body

“Here’s when I realized just how much time and energy we spend “fixing” our body all our lives. We wailed over its wounds and weaknesses as kids, we hated it in high school, we didn’t understand it any more than we ever did in college, we compared it with everyone else’s body in our twenties, we obsess over its strength and weaknesses in our thirties… so, when will our body — this thriving physical space that has determinedly and successfully housed us all our lives — ever be good enough for us? Our body has been adjusting to all our needs and whims while working so hard to keep all of our sh*t together (figuratively and literally) and yet we have turned into such ungrateful residents. “

Buddhism and the Stage of Dread

“I had an absolute interest in everything I was learning and I was an eager student. But I’d say I was definitely at a stage of sheer dread over future boredom. Yes, I wanted peace of mind. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to learn from the masters. I wanted to be a master of my self. But did I want to let go of desire? Of excitement? Of passion? Of going after something with the entirety of my being? Of ecstasy? Also, to not care anymore. I knew my capacity to care too much had always caused me to be unnecessarily hurt and exposed. But did I want to risk all feeling I had already invested in the world around me? I worked hard for these feelings. And all of the above were qualities I had always considered myself to be positively built in with. They were assets. If not for how I care for my family and friends and my adventurous spirit and enthusiasm for life, what kind of mould should I turn into? I don’t want to be a total dud in the world.”

Becoming Happiness and the End of Pursuit

“Why are we sourcing our happiness, or even our pain and our fears, from outside forces – from other people, from a big life event, from the future and from the past? When I finally saw what I was doing, I began to take witness of how I would constantly create my own unnecessary suffering; and that’s when I learned, very slowly, to try to find my happiness inwards. To not depend on a happiness that I cannot control. To find a way to become happiness itself.”

Personal Growth Amidst Political Turmoil

The key is to ACT and not to REACT. Once you learn the difference, you will have power over everything.

Making Happy 🎵

Your music is the silence even before it is played. When you have begun to understand your music is when you can begin making.

Empty Pages, Cups Half Full

If I truly love words, I must learn to love empty pages. Yes, include that in the list, my big love for empty pages.