The Philippines celebrates its Independence Day every June 12th. I love my country and I love my freedom. But I think there is great need today for my country and its people to rethink what true freedom means to them. When I entered my singing group The Ryan Cayabyab Singers, this mash-up of two songs,Read moreRead more

Becoming Happiness and the End of Pursuit

“Why are we sourcing our happiness, or even our pain and our fears, from outside forces – from other people, from a big life event, from the future and from the past? When I finally saw what I was doing, I began to take witness of how I would constantly create my own unnecessary suffering; and that’s when I learned, very slowly, to try to find my happiness inwards. To not depend on a happiness that I cannot control. To find a way to become happiness itself.”

Personal Growth Amidst Political Turmoil

The key is to ACT and not to REACT. Once you learn the difference, you will have power over everything.

Empty Pages, Cups Half Full

If I truly love words, I must learn to love empty pages. Yes, include that in the list, my big love for empty pages.