Let Leaves Fall

Autumn is all about letting go, no matter how beautiful any of it is, or ever once was. Autumn is about wondering what more could be waiting, and being wise enough to believe that there is more to come. Autumn is about hope, faith, acceptance, and all the essential oils necessary to propel the movement and flow of our emotional energies forward. It is about resilience and rebirth. Desire and deliberateness. It is, fantastically, about both change and constancy – these are all the contrasting colors of Autumn that we see and love.

Fire transforms. Fire symbolizes rite of passage. Fire gives movement to all of creation and allows alchemy. To allow ourselves to be set on fire is to allow constant renewal.

And all we have to do is let go.

Sunday Ballet Entry #1: “Sparkle!”

Roots grow and crawl from your toes, legs burr and burn like industrial machines, the back is resisting unknown forces, there are vines of energy connecting your little finger to your back to your ankles and back around again, your shoulders melt and tiny water droplets fall off your wrists and fingers like collected dew drops and your head is sparkling fairy dust. You are in the constant grace and presence of flow and bewilderment.

Wat Tam Wua: Eight Days to Freedom

I let go. I let go of my opinions. I let go of my thoughts. I let go of my jokes. I let go of my responses. I let go of cleverness and judgements. I let go of explanation and reason. I let go of every single opportunity to speak.